Beauty Odyssey

13:32, HD, sound

”You are rewarded for youth and beauty, beyond anything else you can achieve.”

“A Beauty Odysseya” is a 13-minute short film. The life of the main character goes off the rails when she realizes that she is being rewarded for her youth and beauty in ways that exceed all her other achievements. While trying to find a time machine for her life, the main character drifts deeper and deeper into patriarchal beauty rituals, building her identity and happiness on her appearance.

The film reveals the brutal and hidden aspects of beauty care that are usually not seen in glossy social media posts or are kept secret between beauty professionals and their customers. The film shows what it takes to pursue perfection – time, pain and blood.

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Huuto Gallery


Sound Design & Music

working group

Director: Rosaliina Paavilainen
Cinematography: Aake Kivalo
Edit: Heli Kota & Rosaliina Paavilainen
Sound Design & Music: Janne Masalin
Grading: Hannu Käki
Graphics: Kalle Järvenpää