Hey there, I am Janne!

After playing a decade of gigs with Tundramatiks and Bad Ass Brass Band, I did music and sound design for few performances and contemporary dance pieces. I wanted to widen my skills, get a bigger pallette for sound and control the whole soundscape.

Studies with marketing indeed helped to get things thru, but the substance itself, sound, music and sound design, took over. So I did BA in cinema sound design in Aalto University and currently doing last bits of my MA in sound design in Theatre Academy / Uniarts.

This background has led me to do very different kinds of artistic work as an artist, sound designer, music maker, musician and performer.

This site cathegorizes my work into musical artist and sound designer. It´s a fine line, but makes some sense I guess.

As an artist, I normally end up leading projects being the person who invites musicians and collegues. As a sound designer, I normally get hired to working groups.

I believe everything is music or at least can turn into it. It´s just the question of arrangement! Chaotic disharmony or noisy machines are just a step away from a perfect tune, beautiful soundscape or a song. I assume this can be heard all over my work.

I tend(ed) to hear about Janne´s ideas, which refer(ed) mostly to extravagant and sometimes completely unusable concepts. However, those ideas create the foundation to my artistic work and somehow, in the end, find their way to the music, performances, contemporary dance pieces, short films and installations I work with.

If you find them intruiging, let´s do stuff!